European Data Packs

30 minutes talk time credit to Australian numbers.

2.2c / MB


Calls to be made before 31/01/2019, offer not valid for Double Packs.


Leksium Travel SIM Card works in most unlocked GSM phones. Just swap your regular SIM card with our international SIM card before traveling.


Leksium Telecom has been around since 2003, so we really mean it when we say we're here to help you. 

If you’re heading to Europe we recommend adding one of our data packs for even lower pricing on our already great rates.

2.5c / MB

1 gb


Save 90%* on European data rates



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3 gb

5 gb


International Mobile Service In Over 200 Countries - Save 85% On Roaming Charges

Tired of spending money on roaming fees? Leksium travel SIM while traveling internationally.
Save 85% or more on international roaming charges by using our international SIM card when you travel outside of your home country. Stay connected to friends, family, colleagues and essential travel services without worrying about returning home to a huge phone bill.
With free incoming calls in 162 countries, outgoing calls as low as $0.25/min, mobile data service (3G/2G Data) in 130+ countries from $0.03/MB and free incoming text messages worldwide, Leksium travel SIM is an essential service for both leisure and business travelers.

Leksium Travel Sim

2.0c / MB

Cheap Call Rates

Fast Internet

Free SMS

Traveling Became Easy !

Call home - Our gift to you this festive season.